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Fortunae Consulting is driven by entrepreneur-minded professionals who fully assimilate your business challenges in order to design and deliver tailor-made solutions.


Fortunae offer a culture of agility and efficiency for IT & Projects delivery, strategy, governance, transformation, innovation and Continuos Business Process Improvement. 


Business Offerings

Our Servuces
Program & Project Management

 Fortunae Consultants in Project and/or Program Management are real assets in making your next big thing a delivered success. 

Achieving an efficient project on time within the right conditions and right budget.

Change Management

We think it's important to have a structured approach to help you manage change, recognising that it’s a complex journey for both your organisation and your people. 

Agile Delivery

We advocate Agile as the proven software delivery methodology –an iterative, team-based approach to goal-driven, highly collaborative development.

Competitive Intelligence

We complement your knowledge of your competitors by developing an understanding and insights on specific aspects of their business.

We enable you to improve your competitiveness by identifying new opportunities, anticipate risks and future market evolution. 

We also provide a supporting role in strategic decision-making processes, converting the right information into intelligence and the right intelligence into key decision-making factors. 

Operational Excellence

Processes and operations can only be cost-efficient if stakeholders understand the need for the complete elimination of non-added-value activities and get involved. Implementing a Lean and defect free process is not only about applying standard tools but also about having the right people with the right mind-set to materialize this business objective.

Finance & Risk Management

Finance is fundamental and should therefore be handled by highly meticulous individuals. Our skilful consultants in Finance & Risk Management provide expertise in core activities, , forecasting on a daily basis and accurate reporting.

Our consultants work within the financial services on compliance issues, as well as operational issues.

We’re always looking for talented people.
Are you one of those?

By joining Fortunae Consulting and taking part in challenging and rewarding assignments, you contribute to the team’s expansion while constantly growing your skills and knowledge. Our values will guide you during your journey.


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