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Fortunae Academy

At Fortunae Academy, we welcome young talent to join our team and be part of our

At Fortunae Academy, we welcome young talent to be part of our team, helping to support our customers in the implementation of their projects and to deliver excellence. We recruit graduates across different areas of the business including supply chain, finance, human resources and business intelligence.


Young talents are coached by a highly qualified business manager with ICF certifications and trained by qualified and certified senior consultants. During a 4 to 5 month long program, young talents are trained and coached in hard and soft skills. The goal is to obtain certifications in the following areas:

  • SAP Certification

  • SAP HANA Certification

  • TABLEAU Certification

  • Predictive Analysis Certification.

  • SCRUM Certification

Be part of Fortunae Consulting

Looking for a career boost rather than a traditional career path?


Fortunae Consulting is always looking for entrepreneurial, rigorous and creative management experts willing to bring innovation to the table.


By joining Fortunae Consulting and taking part in challenging and rewarding assignments, you contribute to the team’s expansion while constantly growing your skills and knowledge. Our values will guide you during your journey.



Dealing with high-level assignments and our customers’ core issues and needs, you’re guided by our methodology as well as a privileged companion to improve your knowledge and bring up high-end tailor-made solutions.



You take in charge dedicated teams and customers, to whom you provide support and act as a partner. You must assert your technical capacity in all of our positions with the help of our senior managers.

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